Consultancy Packages

We have a range of different consultancy packages that are available to you. Each package is uniquely designed to suit different business types. Whether you’re just starting out your business venture or a well established business, we’re here to support your needs.


This package is the perfect solution for those just starting their companies, you might still be working out your ideas and strategies, and need guidance on the best ways to market your ideas. This package is designed to guide and mentor you for maximum success.

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This package is the perfect solution for start-up companies. Whether your business is already selling, or you are close to having a sellable product or service and are looking for investors, this package could be the one for you.

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This package is aimed at companies that have been operating in the markets for awhile, and are wanting to take their business international by entering new markets. If your company has successfully implemented a franchise or franchise system, and you wish to expand, this package is the one you need.

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If your business has a strong corporate structure and is keen to enter or expand presence in the UK or global markets, this package is perfect for you.

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This package is the perfect solution for companies that are seeking representation of their business within the UK, without investing in facilities.

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A premium package to ensure absolute success within your business. This package is designed for companies wanting to truly ‘test the waters’ in a different market.

Idetek UK will organise staff, business development, new premises and more, allowing you to focus on your current market endeavours.

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Our Groups Package is the best solution for a large number of companies who are formed together in a group. 

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If you would like more information about our consultancy packages, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.
Our team will be more than happy to help.

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